I was born in London in 1950 of refugee parents  from Poland. When I was six years old my grandmother gave me a paintbrush and some oil paints and asked me to paint a picture and since then I have never stopped painting. In my Grammar school years a Mrs Hill our art teacher encouraged me to paint.

In Mexico in 1975 I studied under a Spanish- Mexican painter, Virgilio Ruiz Fernández, the techniques of the old masters using egg tempera. Also intermittently between 1975 and 1986, I studied drawing and oil painting techniques under maestro Juan Blanco Rodriguez (1922-1988) a Mexican painter from San Luis Potosi. From 2012 to 2020 in  South Korea I  studied the techniques of oriental natural colour and pigments on Korean natural paper under Kang Chan Mo, a South Korean painter,

Painting runs in my family. My great aunt, Maria Koźniewska-Kalinowska (1875-1968) was a famous Polish painter, who studied in the studio of Joźefa Pankiewicza and her studies continued in Paris in the Academy of Wittii Colarossi (1903-19011). She was friends with Renoir, Degas and Olga Boznańska (1865-1940). My father was also a painter, Jerzy Józef Ostoja-Koźniewski (1926-2014), and he studied under Maria his aunt and was an influence on my perspective of seeing the world realistically in colour.

Presently I am painting in acrylics and watercolour.

I consider myself a painter / traveller as I have done both a lot in the last half  century. I always felt a need to paint as well as the enjoyment. Painting is a medium of my expression of love interacting with this world  that we live in, a medium of not just painting but also spirituality and meditation.  Some of my paintings are in private collections in Mexico, Europe, Africa and the USA.

By way of my website and Pinterest, I hope to share my past and present work with people around the world.

From 1993 to 2012 I traveled widely working for the United Nations in Peacekeeping Missions on the  African continent, in Mozambique, Angola, Sierra Leone and Sudan.  My painting continued though only one exhibition was held in this busy time.


Individual Exhibitions

1976 Galeria Chapultepec, Mexico D.F.

1984 Canning House, London (With my father)

Collective Exhibitions

1978 Confraternity of Polish Artists in GB, Posk Gallery, London

1979 Jose Marti Cultural Center, Mexico D.F. (February)

1979 Jose Marti Cultural Center, Mexico D.F. (August)

1979 Jose Marti Cultural Center, Mexico D.F. (Nov-Dec)

1981 Hospital General de Mexico D.F.

1982 Petroleos Mexicanos Gallery, Mexico D.F.

1982 Edificio del Aqua, Naucalpan Mexico

1983 Confraternity of Polish Artists in GB, Posk Gallery, London

2002 Vernissage of Sierra Leonean water color paintings, Freetown

2017 The Artbox Project Gallery, Basel, Switzerland, on video screen (June)

2018 The Artbox Project, New York, USA, Armory, on video screen (March)

2019 The Artbox Project, Zurich, Switzerland, Swiss Art Expo, on video screen (July)

2020 The Artbox Project, Barcelona, Spain, on video screen (March) cancelled due to Covid-19

2020 The Artbox Project, Zurich, Switzerland, Sept-Nov 30, on video screen at Artbox gallery